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Goldman Sachs: “Lithium Is the New Gasoline”

The richest people in the world ever… like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates… have a secret...

This secret led them to become the world elite that they are.

And their wealth and their legacy will last for generations.

The secret to their wealth… is building businesses that are indispensable.

Amazon customers can’t live without it. Businesses running on Microsoft products will hardly ever switch to alternative products.

These companies put themselves into the heart of millions of businesses worldwide.
They are indispensable.

And by being indispensable, they have secured income for decades…

Personal computers were a multi-trillion-dollar trend… which helped Microsoft become a trillion-dollar company itself.

Internet is a multi-trillion-dollar phenomenon. And guess what, Amazon, who put itself right in the heart of it, also boasts a trillion-dollar market cap.

And now we see another trillion-dollar industry trend in the clean energy revolution… it has the potential to do to the 21st century what computers or the internet did to the 20th.

And a company that we think could aspire to be a part of such a transformative trend like what Microsoft did to computers… or Amazon did to the internet, even if only on a much smaller scale.

If successful, it could potentially become a major energy player.

The company that, we believe, could develop the technology to potentially become a future clean energy conglomerate is Medaro Mining (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA).

This publicly-traded lithium company aims to become a promising energy conglomerate with sprawling international operations in diverse segments such as lithium extraction technology, exploration, and production.

We urge you to take notice and put Medaro on your radar… Why?

Because in our view, such diversified lithium companies like this rarely go public.

This is why we are bringing your attention to Medaro Mining (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) right now.

We think it is unique in more ways than one.

Most companies that have come to our attention are usually focused on a single aspect of the lithium revolution.  They could be focused on exploration… production… or other elements of the lithium industry.

We believe that Medaro’s plan to develop LITHIUM EXTRACTION TECHNOLOGY might evolve into a massive game-changer in the industry if it’s developed and proven successful.  And in our opinion, opportunities like this don’t come around often.

Read on to learn more…

“Lithium is the New Gasoline”

Lithium quarry

Take this from Bob Koort, Head of Industrials and Materials at Goldman Sachs Research.

Lithium has everything it takes to power the 21st century, from cars to homes and more.

Supersonic battery-powered airplanes may not be far off either.

See below video of Elon Musk discussing the future of lithium powered flying cars.

In the US alone, gasoline sales reached $280 billion in 2020. This tells you how much potential there is for lithium… whose global sales that year were just $5.3 billion.

In other words… the market for lithium looks like it will be revolutionary like oil and gas was over a century ago.
But Bob Koort said something else…

There’s a lot of lithium on the planet… in fact, it’s one of the most abundant elements on earth.

This means that there could be enough lithium to power the world. But there’s a problem…

Lithium isn’t easy to bring to the market.

In fact, it doesn’t make financial sense for many companies to mine it… which means that if they started a mine today, it would cost them more to produce lithium than the market would pay them for it. They would be losing on every pound of lithium and its products that they sell.

We’re talking about potentially billions of dollars in lost sales… and hundreds of billions in potential market value lost.

This is why the lithium market is craving for a solution that would make more mining projects profitable.

Such a solution  could unlock a very substantial increase in potential market value.

This is why we think that Medaro Mining (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) can be part of the solution to help this worldwide issue of lithium resource economics.

Lithium projects worldwide are not economical due to high extraction costs, but Medaro’s lithium technology, if developed and proven, could be an important part of the possible solution for unlocking the enormous value of resources by bringing down extraction costs significantly and allowing resources to become economical that previously were not.

It is the first time in this sector that we have seen a company start developing what we think could be cutting-edge technology and a team that, we think, can be successful in achieving its goals.

Think about the first company that made oil drilling and production feasible… to us the similarity is striking.
Once the “key” to finding those incredible opportunities in metal value is found… the company that does it first and best may potentially be worth a huge amount itself, in our opinion.

We believe a technology that could make a big impact in one of the biggest multi-trillion-dollar trends of this century could become a corporate powerhouse and help make the planet greener.

Listen to Bob Koort. He does a great job explaining why lithium is the new gasoline. He made his prediction five years ago… but the problem continued. There was no viable technology to unlock the value of many lithium deposits that are currently too expensive to mine…

Possibly until now. And Medaro (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) may potentially be developing the solution…Mr. Koort says: “Lithium is highly prevalent around the world, but it’s only produced in four countries at scale. It’s because it’s hard to get to. It’s because it’s hard to find an exploitable reserve, and the economics is just not there for many of these reserves.

But there are lots of companies that are looking at new generation extraction technology that could broaden that production base.”

And just in a second… we will explain how one company’s technology may potentially deliver incredible value to this transformative market.

So let us recap…

According to many, lithium is the only element on earth that can power the 21st century…It can power cars, homes, and more… potentially, it’s a hundred-billion-dollar market…

But there’s a huge bottleneck.

Most of the hard-rock deposits that host lithium aren’t economical.

So even though the world needs lithium badly… it keeps producing it from brines, the other kind of lithium deposit.
And brines have some major problems… in fact, they might be the biggest obstacle on the way to 100% clean lithium.
Lithium production from brines has harmful elements like magnesium.

It’s not environmentally friendly to pump saline brines back into aquifers…

Plus, lithium refining using brines can take up to a year… so there’s no way this production process can keep up with demand or adjust to market conditions.

In other words, it looks like the world needs as much lithium as it can get, as fast as possible...There must be a better way… and it is being developed now.

Remember this company Medaro Mining Corp. (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA).

Very soon, you’ll learn about some of the cleanest and cheapest method of lithium production that can potentially help transform the whole industry.

In fact, we’re going to tell you about what we think may become the first completely green method of lithium production.

Above, Medaro Mining showcases the true importance of lithium.

The World Is Craving Lithium

house with solar panels

The world is dumping dirty fuels… and switching to clean ones…

Coal and oil are on their way out. Renewable energy and lithium are in.

Take electric vehicles. In 2020, electric vehicle registrations were 1.8%. Every year registration is increasing to the point where we believe every single car will be run by lithium batteries in the not-so-distant future.

In the long-term, though, electric vehicles will make up most of the car fleet, of course.

And the International Energy Agency says that to achieve global emissions goals, EVs need to make up 60% of the global market share.

The world is getting there… multiple countries across the world have been releasing their plans for phasing out internal combustion engines.

Norway aims for 2025.

Germany announced that it would ban ICE vehicles by 2030.

India, with a population of 1.4 billion people, by 2040.

The United Kingdom will be done with ICE cars by the same year.

China will start selling only “new energy” cars in 2035.

As a reminder, China is the world’s largest car market, with over 20 million cars sold in 2020 alone.

In the United States, 12 states have announced a program to ban internal combustion cars by 2035. The list includes California, New York, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Connecticut, Maine, New Jersey, New Mexico, Oregon, Washington State and Rhode Island, and Hawaii.

And when Apple begins production of its EVs, it’s definitely going to be a game-changer for the EV sector.

Apple Eve Car Concept
Above image is that of the Apple Eve Sport concept car.
Lamborghini just announced that it would also be developing EVs and transitioning its line of vehicles into electric power by 2025.
Electric Lamborghini
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The whole auto industry is changing…

Ferrari announced that its first electric model would debut in just about four years. Other companies, like Drako, Aston Martin, and Rimac have all been working on electric supercars.

Lamborghini’s parent company, Volkswagen Group, has said it would spend 16 billion euros ($19 billion) and cease production of new internal combustion engines in favor of shifting toward electric vehicle production.

This is where we think Medaro Mining (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) comes in.

These multi-billion-dollar plans could push the growth of the world’s electric fleet from over 10 million in 2020 to 145 million by 2030.

That will include “monster” heavy-duty trucks like this one. It’s called Thor ET-One. Of course, it’s fully electric.

Electric Semi
…and Tesla is scheduled to start delivering its own Tesla Semi this year.
Tesla Semi

In other words, the world’s automotive fleet looks to be going electric… and each and every one of these cars and trucks may need lithium.

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s a great outline of where the automotive industry is headed… and what it means for lithium demand.

Lithium demand is increasing rapidly… but cars aren’t the only source of the demand.

Read on to learn where else the world’s insatiable demand for lithium comes from.

Medaro Mining Corp. (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA)

Electric concept vehicles

By now, you are seeing what we think most investors are missing… yes, the world needs lithium… but there’s no economical way to produce it sustainably. And a lot of lithium miners can’t make money extracting lithium even if they don’t concern themselves with environmental costs.

But Medaro possibly is developing the technology that can potentially completely transform this market.
This technology is being designed to be applied anywhere in the world… at any hard-rock lithium project… and could drive down its costs by up to 50% or more.

This can potentially add significant value to lithium producers’ sales and even millions to their market values.
How? Here’s a summary.

Right now, a lot of lithium producers aren’t profitable. A big reason for it is that the price of spodumene concentrate—their low-grade lithium product—is low.

So, if you are a lithium producer, you have two options.

First, wait for higher prices.

Second, produce something more valuable and make more money now.

How do you do that?

Instead of the low-value spodumene concentrate, you start shipping “performance” versions of lithium to the likes of Tesla, Volkswagen, and the rest.

It’s like a farm that, instead of bulk wheat, corn, or rye, starts producing high-quality whiskey.

Its output increases in value dramatically. It needs to ship very little of it to the market to start making revenue.

You can apply the same logic to lithium products.

Why ship low-value spodumene concentrate (the wheat) when you might be able to upgrade your mining site with the technology that Medaro is aiming to develop and start producing highly profitable hydroxide (whiskey in this comparison) that the market craves?

Australia’s spodumene producers, for example, ship their output to China for processing… giving away significant amounts in potential value. Medaro, if it successfully develops its technology, can possibly change this.  (OTC: MEDAF CSE: MEDA)

And this is also a security issue… China controls almost two-thirds of the world’s lithium processing refining capacity.
As the United States competes against China in the race to be the world’s leader in clean technology, it needs to make sure that it has a safe supply of lithium’s high-value products, such as lithium hydroxide.

Political figures

But there’s also something beyond geopolitics…

These “performance” versions of lithium command much higher prices in the market. In fact, switching from a low-value product to a high-value one can make or break a company.

Consider this…

We think this is the only chart you need to see to understand why Medaro Mining Corp. (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) is developing the revolutionary technology for the lithium mining sector.

If developed and commercialized, the technology could potentially take lithium producers from the left side of this chart to the right side…

Potentially cutting the costs of their production by 50% or more… and helping them produce materials that are 22x more valuable.

Lithium Price Graph

How does it plan to do it?

The company’s proposed joint venture partner in the development and commercialization of this technology and in-house expert is James “Jim” Blencoe.

He has an extremely extensive technical background. He has significant industry-related experience since obtaining his PH.D. in 1974 and has over 50 original articles published in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.

He has been focused on applied chemical engineering for decades… in a joint venture with the company he intends to develop and commercialize a way of making lithium production from hard-rock deposits economic.

We’ll note that we think his breakthrough idea for this potential technology came after Goldman Sachs pronounced lithium the gasoline of the 21st century.

Mr. Blencoe has foreseen the revolutionary shift to clean energy and lithium as the world’s main fuel years ago…
So, he created the idea behind the hard-rock lithium technology (HLT) he intends to develop and commercialize with Medaro.

Dr. Blencoe will contribute his and his related companies’ intellectual property, personnel, laboratory facilities and services and Medaro will fund all research and development costs. Medaro will have the right to acquire up to a 100% ownership interest in the Joint Venture upon achievement of certain funding milestones and share issuances.

The Lithium Revolution Is Here

Quote from Elon Musk.

If it works as designed, the method is nothing short of revolutionary. Here’s why.

First, it would be completely clean. The high-grade lithium products that it could produce might be able to go into the most demanding applications, like Tesla’s cars or utility-scale installations serving the most advanced renewable energy systems. And HLT could be completely powered by renewable energy. (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA)

We think if HTL is successfully developed and commercialized it would be truly revolutionary. All the energy required for the process to work could come from electricity generated in a sustainable way. And HTL is designed to use significantly less heat than traditional methods.

Plus, the process is designed to generate almost no waste materials. And the little waste it will generate is expected to be environmentally benign.

This method scales well. It can be used to work with any mine, from the smallest one to the largest one. Jim says that this method can improve costs and allow lithium miners to produce high-value compounds like carbonates and hydrates. They may not be able to do it otherwise.

Third, Jim maintains it is technically superior to other patented production methods in at least one way.

Fourth, it’s designed to be simple. The planned process uses less than ten proven chemical reactions. And these reactions use only earth-abundant elements. Nothing harmful like sulfur, chlorine, hydrocarbons, and others.

Fifth, the process doesn’t require a constant supply of new chemicals. This improves its efficiency and reduces its carbon footprint. This is also called Virtually Zero Waste, and if it works as designed, it’s a big achievement for the ESG status of this process.

Sixth, it should produce valuable by-products like alumina and silica. And alumina costs up to $1,000 per tonne. Silica can cost up to $1,000/tonne, depending on its purity and chemical properties.

Now, this could be a game-changer. Because, as a reminder, spodumene concentrate goes for about $600/tonne. So, this process is designed to produce by-products that are two-thirds more valuable than the main products of a normal lithium miner.

As a reminder, 50% of lithium miners are losing money. And Medaro’s technology, if developed successfully, can potentially change that.

In other words, it would improve lithium miners’ profitability in more than one way. This is why it’s so revolutionary. And this is why Medaro Mining Corp. (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) could potentially become America’s next energy conglomerate… just like Exxon, Chevron, and other oil and gas producers were when the oil boom began.

New leaders are going to emerge
, and The Financial Star tries its best to bring the ones we think have the best chance to be these next leaders to you. A normal process… is quite complex and produces a low-value product: lithium spodumene. As we said, its value is about $600/tonne. Look how much complexity this process involves.

Lithium Mining Process

…this is where Medaro comes in. If developed, it’s technology could take the end product of this low-value process and turn spodumene concentrate into “high-performance” lithium products like carbonate and hydroxide that battery producers are craving.

Global Lithium Demand Forecast Chart

And, as we said earlier, the by-products of this developing process could also be valuable. They command prices up to $1,000 per tonne.

In other words, all the potential products of HLT are at least two-thirds more valuable than spodumene concentrate. And top potential products like lithium hydroxide are over 20x more profitable than concentrate.

We think the company’s joint venture to develop this technology  looks promising, and we would not be surprised to see major technological updates coming from Jim and his team over the coming months once a definitive joint venture agreement is entered… those updates may tell us more about the immense cost-saving potential of Medaro’s (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) proposed groundbreaking technology.

And the company already has options over two promising lithium projects to work with. As we discuss below, Medaro is not just an aspiring lithium tech company. It is also aiming to acquire lithium projects throughout the world. To date it has options in respect of 2 lithium assets and is looking for more.

This multi-pronged strategy is one of the main reasons why think it could develop into a lithium energy conglomerate.

It is not just focused on one sector in the clean energy space. Its business model is diversified, which allows its investors to be exposed to the lithium sector in multiple ways.

Strategic Lithium Project Locations
in Quebec and Ontario

Image of place in Canada

Medaro (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) has option agreements on two large lithium exploration properties, Cyr South in Quebec and Superb Lake in Ontario.

Quebec is a lithium region that hosts mainly hard rock lithium deposits. The exact type of deposits Medaro aims to make more economical with its technology.

Quebec just announced a $100-million electric vehicle battery plant that was funded by the Canadian Federal Government.

Prime Minister of Canada
Above: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the announcement of the EV battery plant in Quebec.

We believe the Canadian government is funding a $100mm electric vehicle battery plant because Quebec is a region that has proven lithium resources.

For example, Whabouchi, a lithium project located in Quebec, is considered to be the world’s second-richest and biggest deposit with 27.3 million tonnes of proven and probable reserves.

The mine could produce 5.5 million tonnes of spodumene concentrate at a rate of 213,000 tonnes a year for 26 years.
This project is a clear indication of the lithium-rich region.

Canada is a politically stable country, unlike many other countries where a lot of lithium is being produced.
Most lithium production is not compatible with the entire lithium revolution… with human rights violations rampant in various regions of the world, corrupt government organizations, price fixings by organized crime and unstable governments… the list goes on and on…

Canada offers a safe alternative. This is why Medaro’s projects are located there.

The Takeaway

We think Medaro (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) has all it takes to become a  major force in lithium. The tech that it is acquiring, if successfully commercialized, could help transform a struggling lithium market into a flourishing trillion-dollar one.

And possibly help solve one of the biggest sustainability problems the world is facing today.
Lithium is the new oil. Clean energy is the newest trillion-dollar trend, like personal computers and the internet were in the 20th century.

And if things go right, Medaro (OTC:MEDAF, CSE:MEDA) could do to the clean energy megatrend what Amazon did to internet sales.

A clean and green future is what we all look forward to…Our Earth is tired, and we may have no choice but to change to lithium battery power storage and change fast we must.

As a result, we urge you to take notice.

To learn more visit www.medaromining.com
Thank you for your loyal readership,
The Financial Star Team

Medaro Mining is now trading on OTC Markets.

Check your preferred brokerage for "medaf" or "meda" for availability & trade information.

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