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An unprecedented government deal is taking place.

For the first time in 48 years, both parties agree on this critical issue.

This agreement could provide a multi-billion-dollar boost to the uranium mining sector, which is critical to the advancement of their common agenda.

This is big news, yet it looks like very few are talking about it and some investors that find early trends before they go mainstream have potential to become the largest winners.

But when something like this happens, we think investors should take note.

It could possibly provide support to public companies’ valuations and create significant opportunities.

Some start-ups focused on the nuclear sector have raised billions of dollars… like Commonwealth Fusion Systems, which recently raised $1.8 billion.

And we recently learned about a company that one day in the future could, in our view, join this elite group if they are able to successfully explore and develop their properties.

Before we provide you with all the details, make sure to bookmark this name: Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC)

…because the deal we are going to bring to your attention has uranium exploration at its core.
And Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) could potentially reap substantial benefits from the trend that we see emerging.

Before we get to it… here is something we think you absolutely need to know.
Some of the world’s richest men agree that nuclear may be the only way to provide the world with clean and abundant energy.

And uranium is our pick for the number one commodity that could soar as the global “green revolution” megatrend unfolds.

Business Leaders Confirm: Uranium May Be a Critical Investment in the Green Future

Image: nuclear energy may be the only solution to the world’s energy needs

Uranium is considered so valuable by some that it’s often treated like gold. It’s been called “the other yellow metal” for a reason…

Uranium could become a cornerstone of the energy revolution that is taking place in the United States and overseas.

This energy revolution relies on a simple fact…

The world is moving away from coal and fossil fuels.  

There is no going back.

And some of the world’s richest people are endorsing uranium

True, they care about the environment.

But they also see where the market is going. And where most of the potential money could be made, in our opinion.

A lot of people are probably still behind on this thinking… which prompts some of the world’s richest billionaires to remind the world about what may happen very soon.

Elon Musk, whose net worth is over $300 billion has expressed his support for nuclear power plants in areas that they are not susceptible to massive natural disasters.

It’s easy for us to understand why most investors don’t seem get it yet… but, as we will explain in a moment, nuclear power may be the only reliable source that can supply the world with enough electricity and power the “clean revolution.” 

With electric vehicles pushing the demand for electricity higher than ever, it’s easy for us to see why Elon Musk is on board. 

In an interview with a German publisher, Mr. Musk suggested that “[nuclear energy] might even be necessary if we’re to meet tomorrow’s need for electricity” — which he said would double by 2040. 

Our discussion with the CEO of Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) confirmed he agrees with this.  
Before we dive into the company’s details, however, we would like to give you more examples of what some of the world’s best investors think about uranium. 

Michael Burry, who has become a legend in the financial world after he successfully profited from the 2008 housing crisis, also endorses uranium. 

Michael Burry
Image: Michael Burry

Mr. Burry is as bullish as it gets: “I was bullish on uranium since 2018. As climate change becomes the focus for the world and countries want to reduce carbon emissions, countries are going nuclear.” 

Jeff Bezos, one of the world’s richest men, is also invested in nuclear. 

His fund reportedly put about $20 million in a Vancouver-based startup called General Fusion. 

Jeff Bezos
Image: Jeff Bezos

Could Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) be on Jeff Bezos’s list of future potential investments? It’s hard to know. But this Vancouver-based mineral exploration company is looking for potential resources for the “clean energy” space, too, which Mr. Bezos’s fund is watching.

Bill Gates, whose net worth is about $134 billion, was also blunt about uranium.

Bill Gates
Image: Bill Gates

In an interview last year, Mr. Gates said that nuclear power is absolutely critical. Specifically, he said: “We need more nuclear power to zero out emissions in America and to prevent a climate disaster.” 

We aren’t saying that there’s some kind of “nuclear conspiracy” here. These men come from various industries and appear to have their eyes on uranium for their own purposes… 

…From making sure that there’s enough electricity to power the EV revolution to making sure the world reaches its net-zero goals successfully…  Some of the world’s most powerful people are supportive of nuclear energy. 

And we think that when the market finally realizes this potential opportunity, Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) and the rest of the industry could potentially get a very significant boost. Take a look at the video below,

Government United to Support Nuclear Power and Uranium

Governments and private companies set ambitious emissions goals. One hundred thirty-seven countries committed to carbon neutrality. Almost all of them—90% to be precise—want to reach that goal by 2050. 

And in the US, both Democrats and Republicans are on board

But not only that… they focus on a key element that will help the US reach “net zero”: uranium. 
Biden’s Department of Energy says that nuclear is “a key part of our clean energy future.” 

The Department of Energy is in on this, too… it wants to build a uranium reserve for the country citing national security, among other critical reasons: “Revitalizing the U.S. nuclear fuel supply infrastructure would support the Administration’s goals […] including addressing the climate crisis, creating American jobs, positioning the U.S. to compete with economic rivals, and supporting national security.” 

This goes beyond this Administration, however. The Democratic Party platform says that it now favors “all zero-carbon technologies, including hydroelectric power, geothermal, existing and advanced nuclear, and carbon capture and storage.” 

Joe Manchin, the Democratic senator who single-handedly blocked Joe Biden’s climate and social spending bill… he is far from a “normal” Democrat who follows everything the party says… has been a vocal supporter of both uranium and nuclear power plants.

Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)
Image: Senator Joe Manchin (D-W.Va.)

But it’s not only about the Democrats… 

The Republican party is also on board.  

And the Republicans are even more urgent in their message

In their letter to then-president Trump, 27 Republican senators and Congress members said: “We strongly encourage [Donald Trump] to make improved access to federal lands with high-grade uranium deposits a top priority.” 

John Barrasso (R-WY) said: “If we are serious about climate change, we must be serious about expanding our use of nuclear energy.”

john barrasso (R-WY)
Image: john barrasso (R-WY)

Why the urgency?

Because there may be no other solution to the looming energy crisis.

And this urgency could be a massive catalyst both for the uranium sector as a whole and possibly even for Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) in particular.

Let us explain…

The Ugly Truth: Wind and Solar Aren’t Enough

Without nuclear, the world might need to prepare for apocalyptic blackouts…

NYC at night during a blackout
Image: 2019 Blackout in New York

And no, wind and solar energy will probably not be enough to get to net-zero emissions. Or to provide reliable electricity. We think the people who say so are wrong. 

The only way to “clean up” the energy sector and meet soaring electricity demand may be through nuclear power. Here’s why.  

Put simply, you can’t produce electricity from either wind or solar 24/7.  

Solar becomes useless at night or even on a cloudy day.  

Wind doesn’t blow around the clock, either.   

But the demand for electricity doesn’t go away. On the opposite, it’s rising like crazy.  

And the 2021 numbers are alarming…  

Electricity demand rose 6%, or by the highest amount since 2010…  

But carbon dioxide emissions did, too.  

Why? Because there isn’t enough renewable capacity to fuel this surge in demand.  

So, the world turns to oil and coal to fill the gap.  

This is a shame… and an opportunity, now well-understood by the government and the market alike, to push for nuclear power.  

And in doing so create a potential opportunity for players like Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC).  

The situation is so bad it could end up in social disturbance…  

And we’re not being dramatic here.  

This gross mismanagement of energy prices could become “a driver of social and political tensions,” says the Energy Information Administration.  

And when we mean social disturbance, we mean potential violence and looting.  

Believe it or not, access to electricity can prevent major social crises.  

Consider the 2019 New Orleans blackout… when it happened, officials imposed a curfew. And several incidents of looting were recorded. A special “anti-looting” police unit was created to fight it.  

The massive power outages seen in California in 2021 are a sign of what can happen when the grid is strained and there’s not enough power to distribute to millions of people.  

As states like California move away from fossil fuels and toward sustainable energy sources, they forget one simple thing… which we mentioned above.  

Wind and solar aren’t enough.  

Nuclear energy may be the only way the terrible outages in California could become less severe or disappear altogether.  

And uranium stocks like Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) might, in our view, be poised to benefit if and when the tide turns. Nuclear power is now said to be reliable and safe. California is learning this the hard way.  

It is importing more power than any other state. And turning a blind eye on its insanely inadequate power supply. 

On top of this, solar and wind power generators stopped working just as everybody needed them the most.  

California’s former Governor Jerry Brown admitted that ignoring nuclear was a mistake. In an interview, he said: “[T]here are a lot of people that think we should even expand, significantly, the nuclear power plants we have.”  

But the tide is changing. 76% of Californians support nuclear power.  

If local governments follow the recommendation of a recent joint MIT-Stanford study regarding uranium and the Diablo Canyon Nuclear plant, the demand for uranium could surge. And it could potentially lift the whole uranium sector, including Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC).  

The government must catch up—or endure another catastrophic summer in 2022.  

Texas has the same problem as California. In February 2021, following a series of storms, its grid was under stress for over two weeks. It caused about $200 billion in damage and hundreds of lost lives.  

The state couldn’t import enough electricity to meet its needs. Because of high demand and low supply, prices soared. Some customers ended up paying $5,000 for five days’ worth of power supply.  

Nuclear supply stayed more consistent throughout the outage. It didn’t fall as much as other sources, such as natural gas, wind, or solar. In other words, it proved to be more stable than other sources of power.  

This is why Texas, California, and other areas need more nuclear, not less.  

And why we are bullish on uranium and Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) in particular. Nuclear is more stable than other sources of power. It is clean.   

And, critically, it is said to be safe and sustainable.

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Nuclear Is Recognized As Extremely Safe And Getting Safer

Family Looking at lake

In fact, nuclear power is the safest by one critical metric. 

In terms of deaths per terawatt-hour generated, nuclear is the safest one out there

Wind power is 1.7 times more dangerous. Plus, wind power stations worsen the appeal of environment they work in. This might reflect in housing values of the local community. 

Nuclear power plants are compact and efficient. 

And don’t get us started on solar… 

Solar is almost five times worse in terms of safety. 

And coal is over 1,000 times more dangerous than nuclear

In other words, coal is the “black death” of all power sources. 

And nuclear is the incredible standout in terms of safety. 

This is a major argument in favor of both nuclear power generation and uranium-focused exploration companies like Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC)

Nuclear power is also much more sustainable than other sources. 

It is actually the cleanest one of them all. 

A power plant emits just 3 tonnes of CO2-equivalent per gigawatt-hour of electricity. 

Just three tonnes. 

Wind? Four tonnes. 

Solar? Five

Hydropower plants emit over ten times more. 

Natural gas? Four hundred ninety tonnes, or 160 times more than nuclear. 

A coal plant emits 820 tonnes or 273 times more than a nuclear plant. 

Switching to nuclear power as the safest and cleanest of them all is a no-brainer. 

And we think a major part of any investment thesis is uranium exploration stocks like Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC)

But What About Waste? 

It’s a great question.  

Indeed, nuclear power plants produce waste. 

But do you know how much? 

It may boggle your mind if we tell you… but it’s backed with technical knowledge and our conversations with experts in the field… 

A small-scale advanced nuclear power plant is said to produce just one soda can a year of waste.

Soda Can
Image: a modern nuclear plant produces just one soda can of waste per year.

Yes, you heard this right. Just one soda can. 

And coal, by the way, is said to be way worse. In fact, there’s much more uranium in coal fumes than in nuclear plant waste

To be precise, the ash emitted by a coal plant carries 100 times more radiation into the environment than a nuclear power plant that produces the same amount of electricity. 

There is no way around the fact that nuclear may be the only way forward

The “green revolution” might not happen without nuclear power. 

Billionaires and even the government have realized that. 

And some are throwing their weight beyond nuclear power

They know it’s safe and clean. It is, in our view, better than solar and wind power in every way

This “deal of the century” may paves the way for potential billion-dollar opportunities. 

Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) could potentially be part of this trend. 

Investors should take note and look at this sector specifically. 

But let us save you some time… 

We think you need to know just this one word: Athabasca
It’s a region in the Saskatchewan province of Canada. 

And Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) could one day potentially become a prominent player in one of the world’s best uranium regions.

The Saudi Arabia of Uranium

Athabasca Basin
Image: Athabasca has been called the “Saudi Arabia of uranium.”

The Athabasca region of Canada is sometimes called “the Saudi Arabia of uranium” for a reason. 

Much like its Middle Eastern counterpart with its plentiful and high-margin oil reserves, Athabasca hosts multiple and high-grade uranium deposits.  

Mostly because of Athabasca, Canada is the world’s second-largest producer of uranium, and the world’s third-richest when it comes to uranium reserves

And with the political crisis in Kazakhstan, which is the world’s number one producer, we will not be surprised to see Canada regain the top position again. 

If it does, Canada-based uranium producers and explorers like Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) might become some of the most sought-after investments, in our view.

Within Canada, Athabasca is said to be the number one uranium area. 

The sheer number of Athabasca deposits, and their excellent economics are the two reasons why Athabasca sometimes gets compared to Saudi Arabia.  

Consider this… 

Almost one-sixth of the world’s uranium production comes from Athabasca. 

That’s how big it is in terms of quantity. 

But the quality of the output is also said to be unmatched… it probably has the best economics in the world. And here’s proof… Ten out of the top fifteen highest-grade uranium projects are located here. And they are said to have about 20 times the world’s average purity

We are following a uranium exploration company that we would like to bring to your attention. 

It works on potentially promising targets in the Athabasca basin, what some call the “Saudi Arabia of uranium.” It is led by what we think is one of the best management teams in the business. 

And it owns options on two massive exploration targets with seventeen mineral claims covering over 12,000 hectares. 
Because of the location of the properties (we have a map below), the fact that they are a part of what some call the “Saudi Arabia of uranium” region, and because the people in charge look to have excellent business and technical acumen… The Financial Star is bullish on Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC)
Moreover,  in our view, the company’s upcoming explorations could potentially become the first in a series of value-adding events.

Athabasca Basin
Image: Traction Uranium's Projects Page

We are hopeful for potentially value-adding news coming from Hearty Bay once Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) starts its explorations.  

Here is a map showing the company’s two projects, Hearty Bay and Lazy Edward Bay.  

Both are located in Saskatchewan, referred to by some as “the Saudi Arabia of oil.”  

Athabasca Basin

It is, in our view, well-equipped to conduct these two exploration campaigns with about $8 million in cash and two  option agreements with Fission 3.0 Corp. in place.

We think there could be an edge to the company’s understanding of the projects.

The company may rely in part on a geological model put together by Fission, which looks to have one of the best technical teams in the business. And this, in our view, could be one critical for its success of Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC).

We think so because members of the optionor’s technical team were involved in some of the biggest discoveries in the Athabasca region.

As far as expertise goes, in our opinion these people are top-notch.  

Like Dev Randhawa, an industry veteran who was named The Northern Miner’s Mining Person of the Year in 2013.

And the company’s management is aiming to build Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) into a major player in what some call the “Saudi Arabia of uranium.”

Past Successes Boost Our Confidence

work being done at the Triple R project, one of the major Athabasca discoveries
Image: work being done at the Triple R project, one of the major Athabasca discoveries

The optionor’s team which worked on Hearty Bay and Lazy Edward is unique. Here’s proof… 

It’s the only team that made two significant uranium discoveries in the region. 

No other team managed to do the same. 

Take the Triple R deposit… 

At the time of its discovery, it was the largest undeveloped high-grade deposit in the Athabasca region. 

But the size and the grade weren’t the only highlights of Triple R… 

Economics worked remarkably well, too. After the company finished a preliminary economic assessment (or PEA) on Triple R, it became clear that the project had the potential to become one of the lowest-cost sources of uranium in the world. 

…and a billion-dollar net present value or NPV

 Waterbury was another discovery that the optionor’s team which worked on Traction’s projects made.

drill core from the Waterbury project
Image: drill core from the Waterbury project

It is now owned by Denison mines and is reported to have great economics with a low-cost profile and a $177-million NPV.

In the past, the optionor of Traction Uranium’s projects managed to unlock value up to 58 times higher than its original value pre-discovery value.

And some high-profile investors have been taking notice…

Sprott: An Industry Investment Leader Is in On Traction Uranium

Eric Sprott
Image: Eric Sprott

Toronto-based Sprott is one of the best-known names in the resource investing world. Eric Sprott, the founder, is a Canadian billionaire businessman. 

Recently, Sprott signaled its support for Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) with a lead investment into the company. 
This, in our view, is a vote of confidence from one of the biggest names in the North American resource investing area. 
This interest is not coincidental. Sprott has been a proponent of nuclear energy for a while. 
Recently, the company has called uranium “a key element for a net-zero carbon future.” 
Sprott is also a large buyer of physical uranium. So, it’s no wonder that it wants to secure supply from as many producers, current and potential, as possible. 
We also think of Sprott as the “Tesla of uranium.”  
While the famous carmaker wants to lay its hands on all the lithium it can get access to, Sprott has interests in the uranium area
This support from one of the industry’s biggest players is a positive, in our view. It could bode well for the company’s future. 
This brings us back to the main topic of this article… 
From Canadian billionaires like Eric Sprott to their US peers like Bill Gates and Elon Musk… to both parties of the US government… 
Everybody is on board that nuclear energy is part of the future, and uranium is poised to play a key role in the global “net-zero” transition. This is why we are so bullish on Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC)
Not only does the company have investment from one of the most prominent industry investors… and access to what we think is a uniquely qualified technical team… 
It is also located in what some call the “Saudi Arabia of uranium,” Athabasca, which is also one of the most mining-friendly places in the world. And the optionor’s team which worked on the company’s projects has experience unlocking significant value
Will they succeed again? In our opinion, Traction Uranium Corp. (OTC:TRCTF, CSE:TRAC) has all it takes to stand out and achieve exploration success. 

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Thank you for your loyal readership, 
The Financial Star team 


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